And Now for Something Completely Different

After four challenging and intense years as a telelvion news producer for Japanese network, Tokyo Broadcasting System, I decided I want a change. This came as a shock to many, and immediately came the barrage of "Why?"s. Suffice it to say that while all the classic reasons for leaving a job applied, I left on the best of terms and they have treated me well.

Now that my two weeks of paid leave have ended though, I am really and truly unemployed, in the best sense of the status. I need to begin finding new work. "What do you want to do?" invariably follows the previous question. And therein lies the rub, because I haven't answered that question for myself yet!

I know what my hobbies are: writing, craft beer tasting, home brewing, cooking, traveling, and studying foreign language. So now I need to decide if I want to continue with journalism and/or production, pursue making one or several of my hobbies into a profession, or find some yet-to-be-discovered third path.
This sums up how I feel about choosing a career.
As a jack-of-all-trades, I usually lean toward the third, more exciting, mystery option. Remembering back to my high school dream of acting, and my love of writing, I have decided to take some improv classes and possibly even try my hand at stand-up comedy, but these still remain more in the "hobby" section of my mind.

My previous life experience tells me that by simply going for it, I can absolutely make these my real career. I suppose the hesitation, or fear of putting myself out there that comes with this thinking is natural. Precisely why I find myself typing this now, and exposing my inner drama nerd, so there you have it.

I have enjoyed spending four years (mostly) behind the camera, and my curiosity about producing content ouside journalism remains strong. Feel free to comment, or message me privately with your thoughts. I'll be writing more often, now that I have time.

I also plan to supplement this blog with revisions of my previous work. and you can always click the following links to my old blogs, to check out some of what I've done with these four years based in New York City, or my five previous years, living in Hiroshima.

Stay Tuned!


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