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Traveling to Japan?

Many times I'm asked for advice on traveling to Japan. In addition to living there six years, I worked for the government of Hiroshima, and traveled extensively throughout the country. Trying to keep things as simple as possible, while still providing insight, I typed up a few pages of info, including helpful links and started attaching it to emails to those people. Now, I'm posting it here, without any of the pretty formatting it had in Microsoft Word, and I will add that back in over the coming week. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section! GEOGRAPHY of JAPAN: 4 main islands:  Hokkaido – Alaska w/public transportation, Ski/Snowboarding HEAVEN (horseback riding, hiking, cycling, and even paintball in the summer) Snow Festival in Feb.  Honshu – The main island, with most of the names, places, and things you’ve heard of Shikoku – smallest and most rural of the main islands, friendly farmers, hot springs and the great outdoors  Kyushu – Mostly rural, some gr