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ADULTING 101 - Part 5

Welcome back, class. If you're just joining me, this is part  5  of " Why Did No One Tell Me?!? " or, " What High School Should Have Taught Me. " ( Part 1 is here. ) Standard foreword : None of these lessons are new. Some, I am only just learning myself. Many people never learn them, but those that do think it is all just "wisdom that comes with age", even though it would benefit you to learn, and especially learn early! Anyway: Today's lesson is a tough one: Relationships: By the Numbers As I have mentio ned before, I am embarrassingly single, unmarried, and without children. Unlike most men in my situation, I have actively sought a serious partner, commitment, and want children. In fact, as I will admit here, I have overactively sought someone. No matter what you want in life, the following relationship advice should still apply to you, too. I hope you will all learn from this, my greatest personal revelation so far: *