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Composting and Gardening

As I sat in the CSU/EXPO Mini-Urban Farm one Saturday, attending a free seminar on "raised bed planting", my mind kept picturing this part of my backyard. The event was hosted by a program called "Garden Gateway"  and promised information and free building materials to create my own raised bed for planting a garden. Fast forward a couple of weeks later to The Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center , where I attended their Earth Day event. I thought I would also pick up the materials, but they still hadn't ordered them yet. They did,  however, offer another free seminar. This time the topic was composting, and once again they generously provided free materials. I received a supply of a fruity powder called bokashi . An inoculated bran powder used to help in the fermenting of compost. I had a big 5-gallon bucket to fill, and no space inside my apartment, so I used an old canister for nuts to collect scraps, peels, coffee grinds, and eggshells and the like