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It was Lever-age In-o'-sense, It was Lever-age Incredulity

When we last left our hero, I was about to transfer my first batch of home-brew to a glass carboy for the first time! Did that go smoothly? Did tiny single-cell organisms perform the miracle of converting sugars into alcohol and carbonation? Does anyone get my PUN-ny blog titles?!? All that and more in this next installment of Long Time No Taco: I have been very busy in the kitchen, and a lot has happened! This is an Alot, by "The Oatmeal". Sadly, Alot has not happened. Transferring my peanut butter porter to the glass carboy for secondary fermentation went smoothly. I rarely get to use words like "smoothly" when describing home brewing; something unexpected always seems to crop up. such as 10 days later, when I went to bottle the beer, using my brand new bottle capper... Porter goes is... ...Porter comes out! After transferring the beer back to the ale pail with some maple syrup to help bottle condition (the yeast eats this new sugar source t

It was the Best of Rimes, it was the Wurst of Thymes.

Duality is one of my favorite concepts. I believe it to be a simplification of the multi-faceted nature of existence, but it allows for comparison, contrast, and ultimately, deeper understanding. If you look back at some of my other blog posts, they deal with two main topics: one abstract, and one concrete aspect in my life, how they relate to my past, and one another. Today's post is no different: Much has happened since I moved from NYC to L.A., and I have been terrible at keeping you up to date. The struggle started with the basics of work, shelter, and transportation. Finding an apartment in Koreatown near a public transportation hub with Michelle, we have been slowly decorating and introducing our cats to each other. Work has by far been the trickiest aspect. After a couple months of fruitless job hunting, I realize that the task requires its own special skill set - a clear image of an ideal job, and a dogged effort to pursue that from every available angle without distr