For Your con-Cider-ation

Cider Update and Halloween two-fer!

I love Halloween. Not just the "dressing up and going to parties" part, but pumpkin carving, decorating, cooking, and the general spirit (*salutes Gen. Spirit*).

This Halloween day, I did something I've never done in my the previous thirty! 
My roommate Chris came to my room as I slowly awoke, and reminded me I had asked for his help juicing apples from the orchard I went to last week.

He brought down the juicer that lay dormant atop our fridge for months, and showed me how it works. Then, we washed, cut, and juiced the apples. collecting the pulp and running it through once more to really get all the juicy goodness.
Chris cross-cutting Matsu apples. (See what I did there?)
Pink Ladies


We ate some dried pulp, but we should have made a pie...

The finished product had some interesting stratification
All told, the experience took less than an hour, but it had a very distinct, fall, Halloween vibe.
Once last week's cider is bottled, I will add some champagne yeast to this batch and ferment it too!
I still haven't decided if I want to pasteurize it, or leave it raw and funky. Your opinion is most welcome!

After the juicing, I worked on my costume, and met friends for a night of delicious treats, keeping the tricks to a polite minimum.
Naturally, this would not be much of a Halloween post without some pictures, so please enjoy the following:

I'm OLD GREGG! For me the hardest part was adding a third "G" to to my name. 
Sailor Jupiter, The Most Interesting Bat-Man in the Word, and Pizza Rat!
Kim Jong Un, Papa Smurf, and Miss Argentina
Showing off my "downstairs mix-up"
I hope your Halloween was as rad as mine! Until next year!


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