Do This. Do It. Have You Done It Yet? Hurry Up.

TL;DR - Even if you've never heard of  Pendleton Ward's "Adventure Time", you should watch BRAVEST WARRIORS, on YouTube. (Links below).
I don't think this is the original artist, but this is a great picture!

You may not know me. Perhaps you found this by chance.
Who am I? One small voice in an online ocean, directing you here or there.
Like the rhetorical structure "There are X types of people in this world", you can slice my personality into many shapes: journalist, beer maker, Japanophile, silly weirdo. My eclectic interest in all subjects allows me to converse and make friends easily with almost anyone.
But, there are two places where this gets me in trouble:
  1. I come off as an insufferable know-it-all, sometimes.
  2. I constantly quote things from outside the area of interest of the people around me.
I sincerely hope everyone understands both are unintentional.
I do not feel smarter or better than anyone. I know what I have picked up from the many wonderful people in my life, and my attempts to share that info with others can sound like I think I know everything. But that pool of knowledge is both broad and shallow. I simply like to (over)share.
That said, I do wish everyone "got" the references I make (too) constantly.

That wish is so unreasonable, it would require a genie to grant it. And as we all know: genies are semantic game-playing assholes, who love nothing more than not giving you what you ask for.

I digress.

The amount of movies, books, music, and hours wasted on Reddit neccesary would not be worth your time, money, and attention to share a few more inside jokes with me.

I understand that. I do.

But while there are a few movies (Zoolander, Grandma's Boy and Super Troopers) I definitely quote more than other things, there is one, marvelous, web-based cartoon, that I reference constantly. I frequently sing its praises, see tattoos, backpacks and more, so I cannot understand how it has yet to go mainstream.

I am choosing that show, and focusing all of the psychic energy I have on you, and you, and you (resisting the urge to quote Half Baked here), to recommend this one series.
Obviously, I love it, but furthermore: The entire series (thus far) is available in two, free, YouTube videos, and takes less than three hours total to watch. Although, if you come to love it as I do, you will watch them over and over again.

Even if you never meet me, if you like bizarre, fast-paced, action, comedy, with a whimsical animation style, you owe it to yourself to watch: Bravest Warriors.

And if you do meet me, you'll understand a few more of the ridiculous things I say.

Season 1

Season 2

And you can watch these "Minisodes" to hold you over while we wait for Season 3 together!

All hail Catbug.


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