Million Dollar Bad Idea

One night, as I fell asleep, I had a great idea for a phone app. Then I spent the majority of my dream-time trying to convince Billy Eichner (Billy on the Street, Difficult People) why that same idea was actually terrible!

The idea, a sort of "Phone a Friend" for celebrities, would let you scroll through a database (probably Twitter) choosing verified (i.e. Famous) people, that you would love to hear from. You then register your own personal areas of expertise. Then when one of these famous people wanted to know something, like "how to decanter wine properly", or "when the best time to go to Thailand" is, they scroll through a list of their fans who could give them advice, and choose one to call.

In my dream Billy was at a home, recording two TV shows for some "A List" star, and texting them synopses of what they missed, while they were otherwise engaged. "It's the easiest thing in the world!" he declared in his classic, superlative fashion. Initially I thought, "wouldn't it be rad to get a call from Robert Downey Jr. about Japan, or craft beer?" I could help out someone who has given me joy and entertainment over the years in film. Who wouldn't love to have a story about talking to Tony Stark, and be the one helping HIM?

Then I realized, I paid to see those films, and so did a lot of other people. We are the reason the industry and fame exist in the first place, and "stars" can certainly afford to pay me for my expertise the same as we pay for their performances. Still, a lot of people would waste huge amounts of time and effort, at the behest of their idols.

So there you go, internets: my bad idea that would probably still work great. I won't say "don't make this a thing." Just, give me my 10%. ;)


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