Allow My Writing to Introduce... My Writing.

"Gimme a second I swear, I will say about my rap career", go the lyrics of a Jay Z song.
This month I was published in Chopsticks NY Magazine. This time however, my small article on Japanese shamisen included a legitimate byline.
While it did not amount to a fraction of enough to pay the bills, I still love being paid to write, and I hope to make it a habit. Best of all, my references to subway platform buskers, and a favorite George Harrison song survived my editor's backspace key. Despite the first-hand account of my own experience, those two things were what made the article itself much more personal.

Incidentally, the same Jay Z song starts with the lyrics:
They say "they never really miss you til you dead or you gone." So on that note, I'm leaving after this song.
Fitting, since the my NYC work was published in absentia, now that I have moved to Los Angeles!
The timing has prompted some very kind emails and phone calls from friends who only realized my involvement after spotting me:

Something no one has noticed, and I hesitate to point out myself, but I actually "wrote" a restaurant review and shirt store advertorial in the same edition. I use quotes there, because someone played Frankenstein with my ramen article, which led to continuity and grammatical errors. I really wanted to emphasize how impressive their vegan ramen tasted, as well as the shop's unique and vibrant atmosphere. In the end, the only marks I left were some choice vocab and the back of my head (bottom right). C'est la vie! With that warning: You can check it out, here!

My Kamakura Shirts store review is here. It escaped unscathed, save the odd use of "ply" rather than my sheet-inspired choice of "thread count". If you are a shirt expert, perhaps you can explain whether "ply" is more appropriate.

You can read my shamisen article here, if you haven't already.

I'll leave it there for this week, but feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments (with me, or start a Trump-based flame war with each other, if you prefer!)

Love peace and chicken grease!


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