Sayonara Dairingo

Goodbye New York. 
I knew before I arrived, this was not meant to be my permanent home. Still, four and a half years later, I am sad to leave.
I lived here almost as long as my beloved Hiroshima. The people - dear friends - especially in Astoria, but also through work, the JET Alumni Assoc., and chance encounters at Crescent & Vine, make my parting truly morose. 
From my travels, I leave with the confidence that physical distance will not dampen the meaningful bonds I have forged here. 
Everyone asks, "Are you excited?" 
I am. 
But my excitement is not for the destination. I am excited to turn a page. Diving into the unknown, there are new adventures to be had. Old, beloved characters will certainly resurface to help guide me. Departures and reunions, challenges to triumph over, and achievements as yet unimagined; these excite me. 
You were a part of that, or will be, or both. The loyal, the fair weather, and the downright, difficult bastards: Know that I love you. 


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