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Update: No Time for Updates

Put everything I've said on hold! You weren't waiting? Oh, fine. Carry on then. I could fill a book with what has happened to me in the last month - example: I read a book! A  Knight of the Seven Kingdoms  by George R. R. Martin himself. Loved it! No one would read  A Month of Greg Doing Stuff , though, so here are the bullet points: I turned 32. Spent the whole, damn, magical day with friends at Universal Studios Hollywood, went on all the rides, ate all the food, and spent most of the time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I went to Vegas for the first time as an adult. Celebrated the union of two beautiful friends, won a few hundred dollars (cumulatively). The biggest payout $100 on a random slot machine. Lost it all and then some, and spent too much on booze. Ironically, the best values I found were at a sushi joint, and a craft beer spot: Banger Brewery. I also amassed all the knowledge to "do it right" next time. Sure... I am past the one month poin