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AKA: What H igh School Should Have Taught Me There is one theme for class: "WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?!?" Our first lesson: Investing Without Money I took an abbreviated Economics class during winter-break, my senior year at Amphitheater High School. Even less than three weeks long, this was one of the few classes attempting to teach something beneficial to any student.  Understanding the basics of "supply and demand", "no such thing as a free lunch" - these are universally helpful to anyone about to become fully independent - but I could have learned more. If I spent a semester on it - or if my school offered more, I might have avoided wasting the two most precious resources we all have in limited quantities: time and money. Which is not to say I made "bad" choices, but I spent my time and money in ways that were less effective, and left me with less to show for it. I didn't even completely grasp "debt" until recently. What's

Catch Me if You Can

Wearing the shirt I gave him no less! Lots of grown-man love this guy.  As usual, I'm late. I just returned from Japan, but this is not about that. I wasn't able to visit Hiroshima, but in July, I took an all too brief trip back to New York, where this beautiful human being whom I first met in Hiroshima, Tim and partner Lia, gave me a their time, their ears, hearts, coach, and dog, for the duration of my time in Astoria. Sadly that fickle mistress, timing, did not permit me to attend the play Tim wrote and directed , but Tim did allow me to meet the cast and get a sneak peek at a rehearsal. While incomplete, I could clearly see his unique, collaborative spirit with which he directed, as well as the hard work and emotional energy he poured into this, his first of hopefully many plays he will put on! The centerpiece and original purpose for my trip however, was a JET alumni camping trip. The turnout was excellent! Although it had only been 6 months since moving to L.A., I

What Japan Wants to Put in Your Mouth

I had the privilege to attend Mutual Trading's trade show, showcasing the latest innovations in Japanese food, liquor, secret ingredients and restaurant hardware - if you ever asked yourself, "with all those robots, how do they not have a machine that makes sushi?" The short answer is: they do . The show fell on Oct. 1st, which they proudly proclaimed was "World  Saké  Day". Honestly, they could have said it was next week, and I would have believed that, but Mutual Trading boasts some credibility, now celebrating their 90th year of importing Japanese staples to Southern California. Miyazaki Beef While my focus was on their liquor pavilion, overall, the organization of the trade show was excellent. Two stages hosted speakers discussing how to sharpen Japanese blades, mainstreaming s aké  consumption in the U.S., and more, while every major food company from Japan offered product demonstrations (read: delicious samples). The sheer number of booths offering