Because The Internet is Made of Cats

Sorry for my absence, but after returning from a MOST EPIC time in Hawaii, I've delved deep into the world of photo editing. More on that later.

For now, I'd like to formally introduce you to my cat, Samus.
(pronounced "Sam"- "Us")

See! Photo Editing! (above photo not edited)

Her name is not Seamus. She is neither Irish, nor a boy. She is named for Samus Aran, the Female protagonist of Metroid, who also features in another popular video game, Super Smash Brothers.
Like the character, she has a brownish-orange coat, and green eyes, but her armor hides that she is, in fact, a strong-willed female!

My sweet kitteh is a Norwegian Forest Cat/Calico mix. That makes her my first long-hair cat. The calico mix that colors her fur, also gives her a feisty temperament. She nips, bites, and scratches to communicate, when basic cat-body-language fails to get her point across, but she loves sitting on my lap, and laying in bed, purring loudly. She also never meows, except for the faint squeak when I first get home from work at night, or while I prepare her food.

She is now eight years old, and will turn nine, next January! I adopted from as a rescue from the ASPCA, just before she turned six, so in December we will celebrate three years together!
You may notice her hair is currently growing out from a summer shave I got her at a groomer. It was not well done, sadly, but as it grows out, she is returning to her beautiful, natural form.

I leave you with a video I took, before getting out of bed this morning, of her being adorable and mischievous, (i.e. her modus operandi).


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